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2003 Subaru Forester Question: Smoking from Exhaust

I have no mechanical experience but my dad helps me sometimes. I have been feeding my car oil weekly for a year to keep it going. I don't know where the oil is going. It isn't leaking. When I pull out in first gear, dark smoke comes out of the exhaust, it then smokes a little less as I drive. It doesn't seem to be a constant smoke, only as I accelerate and gear up. Does anyone know what the problem could be? -
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It sounds like you piston rings are gummed up and sticking or that the engine's been overheated and collapsed the rings and/or pistons. These factors would cause excessive oil consumption due to the oil getting past the pistons and burning in the combustion chambers and then go out the exhaust. Another thing is if the oil is extremely old and contaminated, the engine will smoke and use a lot of oil. Here's a directory link for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=18037&car_brand_names=Subaru -
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Ok, thank you. We will check on that. -
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