Smoking Engine on 1993 Buick Regal

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I was driving my car and notice smoke coming from the front and back of my car. I checked my coolant and noticed that was low, so i let my car cool down and added coolant to it. I then made a stop at the gas station and all my coolant started to leak out. I got in my car and started to drive to at least make it home and my car engine light came on and started to make a loud ticking sound. It got louder and louder and started to smoke more, not even a couple seconds later my car cut off. I got out to check under my hood and my engine was smoking bad. It started back up but then cut off again. What can this issue be...?? Please help..
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You said you checked the coolant level it needs to be determined if you have a leak somewhere in the cooling system and have that repaired. Did you check the engine oil level? The "smoke" may be oil leaking onto the hot engine or exhaust. The Check Engine light having come on means there is a code stored in the computer (you need a scan tool to retrieve the codes). The noise concerns me get it checked out or you could end up with serious mechanical damage.