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1105 W. Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Mon - Fri:7:30am to 5:00pm

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We are a throwback to another era, one that many of us are familiar with from growing up in this area during the 50s and 60s. That was the era that produced all those great “golden-oldies” records (when did that happen?), hot-rods and muscle cars, and what seemed to be a simpler way of life. Garages of that time were one of the centers of the community where everyone would stop by. Whether it was to have your tire pressures checked or the dip-stick read, no job was too small or too big. Maybe you wanted to show off your latest cruiser or just shoot the breeze with a fresh cup of coffee (no, there wasn’t always a Starbucks on every corner).

We are that local neighborhood garage, always there to help you by providing an understanding ear and a knack for getting things fixed quickly and correctly. Personal service, quality work, and fair pricing should not just be a matter of nostalgia. We are a family owned business with a strong commitment to the community; we share your values and understand that your car is more than just a way to get from point A to point B (if only we could, in this traffic). We all want a place to go to where everyone remembers our name, where we always feel welcomed, and where we are truly listened to.

Auto Makes We Service

Acura Audi BMW
Buick Cadillac Chevrolet
Chrysler Dodge Ford
GMC Geo Honda
Hummer Hyundai Infiniti
Isuzu Jaguar Jeep
Kia Land Rover Lexus
Lincoln Mazda Mercedes-Benz
Mercury Mini Mitsubishi
Nissan Oldsmobile Plymouth
Pontiac Porsche Saab
Saturn Scion Subaru
Suzuki Toyota Volkswagen

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AC/Heating Alignment Collision Repair & Paint Diagnosis
Muffler & Exhaust Oil Change & Lube Scheduled Maintenance Service & Repair
Smog/Emissions Testing Timing Belts Tire Sales/Repair Transmission Repair


Coffee Heated Waiting Room Parts/Accessories Service Guarantee
Shopping Nearby Towing Warranty Accepted

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Smokey's Garage
July 05, 2014

Summer 2013 - I was referred by a co-worker that loves this place. I don't know if the management of the mechanic have changed, but this place sucks. They don't return calls. The mechanic suggested something be repaired that didn't need repairing. The customer service and the work are horrible... I just want an honest mechanic who isn't always trying to screw me over. These people are not them....

October 2013 - Kudos to Smokey's and it's owners for trying to make my experience right. Just went back and they took the time to try to correct the problem. They were polite and responsive to my concerns. I've only had the car back one day. But I'm giving them another star for follow through. As I said, I was referred by a co-worker. She's never had any problems with Smokey's. So, I'm hoping my incident was a fluke. They have really put forth the effort to do what's right. I'll give another star in a week or two once I determine if the fix is long term. I haven't really taken the car more than 10 miles from home since yesterday. But so far, things seem good.

Summer 2014 - So, my struggles with mechanics and repair shops continues. Update on Smokey's Garage. So since October 26 of last year, you may have noticed that I didn't update Smokey's again. Well, that's because the problem wasn't fixed. So instead of complaining about it anymore or further pursuing it, I just decided I didn't want to be bothered. Car still vibrates. And they failed my struts for safety even though they weren't unsafe. The car drives worse now than when my struts were supposedly bad. The reason why I'm updating today is because I went to yet another mechanic complaining about the vibration and they told me I had after market struts on my car. Well, when I went back to Smokey's in October, they supposedly switched out the aftermarket struts for Toyota. Guess what? I found out today that they didn't do as they said. I believe Mark was the service manager at the time. He totally lied to me. He let my car sit on the lot all day and didn't do anything to it. Meanwhile, I had to take the metro and the public bus system in the heat. This was the second time that I took the car to Smokey's to have them follow up and the second time that they let the car sit there and did nothing to it. They totally insulted me. They had no regard for my time. I was taking graduate classes last summer and had many meetings to attend. Mark (or whomever) totally disrespected my time. The only reason he brought me back in was because the owner insisted he provide me with better service. And he didn't even do what she requested. I understand that Mark is no longer the service manager at Smokey's. But he used to be at Don Beyer (which owns Smokey's). I hope he isn't in either position anymore. He totally lied. And the technician that failed me on an item that shouldn't have been was so wrong. I'm very very disappointed in the dishonesty of the service manager and technician at Smokey's. And beware because they might be at Don Beyer too.

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