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1994 Toyota Tercel Question: smokes

why does my car emits grayish or blue smoke when I start it up in the mornings. -
Answer 1
poss valve seals or valve guides,have that ck'd by your mech. also have compression test done -
Comment 1
Thank you I will most definitely look into that -
Answer 2
Possible valve seals or guides... -
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My mechanic stated that should I decide to replace the valve stems that it may or may not take care of the smoking problem because of the age of the car. What is your opinion?
...ek.my wife mainly drives around town when i drive it I get on the hiway and run it hard and it smokes alot less
Before the car was overheating so I put anti-freeze in and put oil in. now it is still overheating-now that I took out the thermostat it is still overheating
There is no noticable leakage or any colored smoke coming from the exhaust. The car has had all of its scheduled maintainence checks. It is burning about a quart for every 500 miles.