smoke comming from air vents on 2005 Ford Taurus

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smoke comming out of air vents while air is on
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You need to have a shop check this right away, either the blower motor is smoking or the wiring is shorting. You can find a shop here
Is it smoke or steam? I think your heater core has a leak and steam is coming out of your heater vents. You can find a shop here and view the estimate for heater core replacement here
its not steam it smells like wires burning..... but when you turn the fan motor off it stops....
Most likely your heater core is leaking. Turn the defroster vents on and see if the smoke leaves an oily residue on your front windshield. If yes, then it's coolant that is leaking out of the heater core and then turning into steam. You can bypass the heater core if you want, just get a radiator hose that can be cut to fit into a "U" shape. The only downside is that your car's heater won't work if you do this, so get a warm jacket to wear!!! Aside from the heater not working, bypassing the heater core usually won't cause any problems. Incidentally, replacing the heater core is an expensive fix, and a big pain to try and do yourself.