1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager Q&A

1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager Question: smog tech says that the O2 cold start heater and the cat. are not being received

by the drive cycle system check how do I fix this the van has no codes but he wont smog it cuz of those two drive cyclr test are not complete HELP!!!!!!! -
Answer 1
Bring it to an independent garage (prefferably one you know , or has good reputation) and have them scan it to see what's happenning. -
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thats what he said >>> I need to know if I actually run the exact drive cycle recommended by the dealer will it fix the O2 sensor heater and cat not being sent to the drive cycle check list that's my???????????? -
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Drive it a few hundred miles and see if the readiness codes all set...................IF they don't , then there is a problem , that would most likely need to be diagnosed and repaired before the monitors will set. You don't have a shop in your area you trust , do you? -
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the shop is my driveway I am the master shade tree mechanic -
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How many leaves does your scanner have? Maybe you can get a copy of the factory service manual , but I would just drive it 'til the monitors set (that you CAN check with just a simple code reader). Remember , it may be a few hundred miles , depending on driving habits and conditions. -
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thank you it has thousands -
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Oak or Maple??... Seriously , could you get your hands on a scanner that will give you 'live' data? That would really help your situation especially trying to knock it out yourself. Even if you got a little 'code reader' to watch the readiness monitor 'status' it would still help. Those run maybe $50.00-$100.00 for one compared to several hundred at minimum for one that reads live data (reliably). -
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tea I know the only one that the smog tech used to check them was just a hand held obd2 test only flashing icons on it codes ?? Oh hey maple is a very pretty tree but im a hard head so ive got to say oak will the real scanner help determine the problem -