Smart Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Smart

Dealer replaced Clutch Auctuator under an extended repair policy. Total cost of repair was $950. My deductible was $100. Ongoing problem with many 2009 Smart Cars. Tranny still malfunctions on occassion. Very aggrevating!

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Occasionally when moving shifter from park to reverse, chime sounds and gear selector display is blank. Transmission will not shift into reverse. Sometimes moving the gear selector thru the gears works, or shutting off the vehicle and starting over. This can resolve itself in as little as 2 minut...

just bought the car used

The tire pressure got below 26 psi, and lamp came on
made repair added air replaced sensor

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Have owned the car since new 6 years ago. I have replaced one light bulb. The transmission is the weak spot. Always works, but not a great design. Very unresponsive and design not up the the standards of the rest of the car,(reliable though) The clear roof is prone to crazing. Doesn't bother anything. Wonderful suburban car and will do 90mph when necessary!

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