small coolant loss due to a timing cover gasket what is the cost of repair and on 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

if not repaired what could be the results

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What engine? IF it's the 4.0, it aint the timing cover!! Thermostat housing/gasket or water pump!
It a Grand cherokee 5.2 L 318 Cid V*
Always nice to know what engine a vehicle has! This one has 2 options!!! Keep it full of coolant until repaired, as answer 2 suggest, use the Estimator here for a avg. price of repair where you are. Also it is still possible the leak is elsewhwre.
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Any timing cover coolant can result in the coolant getting into the oil, if that happens could result in lower end damage. For price use the estimator on this page with your zip code. To repair use the find a shop as well. Sorry PR time again.
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