sluggish start off the get go on 1993 Pontiac Firebird

K, see what I get back...any input is appreciated...Have a 93 bird...was quick off the get go until....bolt loose in tranny and knocked out the starter...fixed for a low price of 1000 dollars by a simple loose bolt removal and starter replacement by Firestone...(trust them)...but then...
ran great for 1 day and overheated...coolant issues...ongoing problem prior, but went into the red. (had kid in car otherwise would have been a good car daddy, but my 5 year old comes first) steamed out and didn't start.... firestone nice enough to tow and replace a bad starter they put in....

same thing happened it's the friggin battery... so they took care fee...but engine never ran like it did after it I am thinking....what to do next?

symptoms...sluggish start...doesn't accelerate like the bitch it was when we first met lol....

any advice?

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the fact that you overheated it says it all. take it to the shop and have them do a hydrocarbon test on the cooling system to check for head gaskets, warped or cracked heads.
by the way, why did it overheat??