Slow fueling problem on 2003 Subaru Legacy

When fueling the car the pump has to run very slowly. The nozzle clicks off and you can hear the fuel inthe fill neck. Any suggestions?

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There is a vent valve inside the tank that becomes restricted and needs to be replaced.
You will have to drain and remove the tank and sending unit to replace it
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The drain valve is froozen or seized closed,when car is started it closes and when car is shut off it comes open to allow fuel to enter tank and air to escape.It is located behind passenger rear wheel beside purge(charcoal)canister.
there is a solenoid valve between the alternator and power steering pump. This controls the evap system canister purge. It has plastic nipples that break off. This will cause the problem described as the evap canister fills up and cannot be regenerated unless there is engine vacuum routed to it during engine operation. If this is the cause, after fixing it it will take about 200-300 mile to purge the canister, then the tank will fill normally again.