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1998 Nissan Sentra Question: Slow fueling (nozzle trips often), noticed "service engine" light on

Fueling nozzle trips during refuel, at the same time, the "Service Engine Light" came up. Not coincidental. Did not see air leak in fuel tank though because when I removed the fuel cap after parking the car overnight (with car use the day before), the sucking sound lasts 10-15 seconds, so it doesn't sound like a gasket leak in the fuel tank. What is the best approach to solving the problem? -
Answer 1
The sucking sound is normal. It's actually vacuum/or vapor from tank. The service engine light might or not be related with the issue, Evaporation system problems. You need to bring in to a shop to have it look at. You can contact us at brakeplusinc.com -
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Are you located in the Bay area? What is the cost for repair in the worst case scenario? Or the best case? -
Answer 2
it sounds like a failed vent solenoid. it is supposed to be open when the motor is off for fueling. you need a shop with a scan tool and a smoke machine to verify. Roy -
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Hi Roy, Thanks for the answer! What's the worst and best case scenario cost wise for diagnoise and repair? Do you know of a shop in the Bay area I can have it check? -
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unfortunately, i am from the phila. pa area. worst case would be the canister with the solenoid. best case is just a bad solenoid. dont have the prices here now for the parts but it is a little pricy. Roy -