slight miss and chk eng light on on 1997 Lincoln Town Car

This happened yesterday and is in need of repair. Im thinking a set of plugs and wires could fix the miss but the light came on at the same time. Does the ecm see the miss and throwing a code? (Ive not had diagonstics ran yet as time is also an issue). 97 towncar, 163,000mi. all vacuume lines checked. Also going to chk injector pulse tomorrow morning. Outside of already mentioned plans does anyone know of "common" reasons for misfire on a 4.6? this car has been trouble free since new.

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First i would have the code/s checked to see what cylinder is miss firing.There are 2 coil packs on your vehicle.Each coil feeds 4 cylinders.If someone finds out what cylinder is miss firing,have them pull off that wire going to that coil outlet.DO NOT do it your self because there's 50,000++ volts coming out of those coils.If there is no spark coming from 1 of the coil towers/connector then you would need that coil pack.I repair a lot of those and most of the time it's the coil pack.You can sometimes get a small spark from them,but it would be weaker than the others.If your getting a good spark,then it could be the ignition wires.Injectors rarely go,but that could be another possible cause.