Slight growling and pulling, tightness. on 1996 Audi Cabriolet

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We have just started noticing that telltale growling, whining sound and slight pulling and chattering in the steering wheel when making sharp turns. Will adding pentosin hydraulic power steering fluid fend off a bigger problem, or should we flush and replace filter? How do I tell if the power steering pump might be needing replaced?
There is no repair manual for this vehicle...and we are not in the financial position to take it to a dealer for diagnostics and repair
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First make sure the fluid level in the P/S reservoir is correct, low fluid level will damage the pump. If the level is low, the steering system has to be checked for fluid leak.
Any good independent shop could diagnose a fluid leak, they might do it for free.
Also, you need to ask them to check the rest of the steering and suspension.
BTW, elmondanad mi a velemenyed a RepairPal-rol? Regota hasznalod mar?

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Flush fluid first. You have no filter. When I say flush you can suck the old fluid out of the reservoir and refill work the steering wheel back and worth with the vehicle running. Should take about four times before you will have changed over most of the fluid. Remember to use the correct fluid. Call the shop if you're unsure. Good luck and happy holidays.
The first thing I would check is to make sure the power steering fluid is full. If it is then you most likely have a bad power steering pump. Do not mix power steering fluid with any other fluid than Audi power steering fluid (part # G004000M2). Pulling is usually assosicated with alignment.
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