Slight clunking noise rt side when going over bumps only when van is cold on 2012 Honda Odyssey

Dealer said it was a recall issue & tightened bolts. Now it seems worse-especially 1st thing on very cold day.Has anyone heard of a similar problem? Dealer "can't hear it" now although it's worse than before. Car around 6 months old-3000 miles.Honda odyssey 2012. We are worried about the safety aspect-does this sound unsafe? The sound is not really annoying if we knew it was not unsafe.

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See if your receipt says they did 'service bulletin # 11-038' or if 'labor op.#4140a7' is listed on it. And BRING IT BACK! Regardless , unless it's been in an accident or over 36K miles , then it's covered. IF the noise is caused by what the bulletin describes then it's not a 'safety' issue , just a really annoying noise.