sliding door/transmission on 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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How do I reattach the center guide on the track for the sliding door? What would be the problem if I'm driving the vehicle and i can't accelerate (trany slipping)? It seems to work after I turn off vehicle and restart again.
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I'm sorry I am not sure what it is that you are asking about the side door, however, in order to put the side door back on the track, you need to take the outer cover piece off and slide the door all the way open to put it back on the track. As for the tranny is most likely your input/output speed sensors. I have the exact same problem with my '94...It is hard to tell which one it is that is causing the problem so you should replace both. Hope this helps you.
when the output sensor fails the speedomiter doesnt work, and when its the input sensor you still get a reading from the speedomitor