Sliding Door, Seat Belts on 2005 Toyota Sienna

Took my van to dealship for 3rd time today because the sliding door behind drivers seat keeps sticking. They're telling me $1,200 to fix. Shouldn't this be covered by warranty or isn't their recall for this problem? The first two times they greased it but it didn't fix problem. Then I read on line the cable gets frayed and that is what causes the problem. Front seat belts get stuck in the out position and then have a hard time getting them to go back in. Any one else have this issue? The button for the garage door opener snapped off inside the unit and their telling me $700 to replace the whole unit. Any suggestions. This is the 4th Toyota we've purchased from the dealership.

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I would try writing a letter to Toyota. I have found them to be a really ethical company and since you have been a loyal Toyota customer ( 4 Toyotas ), they may help you because it sounds like your Sienna has several real problems.
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good luck- I have the same problem with 4 out of 7 of my seatbelts to the point that sometimes I have to wear the seatbelt all loose because I can't get it to retract. Toyota has done nothing for me so far and I'm calling them again today. I'm surprised they are being so irresponsible for something that is so clearly a safety issue