Sliding Door Failure on 2006 Dodge Caravan

My sliding door fails to open or close. I believe it is the wiring harness inside the plastic chain / harness track. Has anyone had a similar problem?

by in Clearwater, FL on March 22, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on March 22, 2010
you probably have a bad door module. best to have dealership look into it. not that easy to replace and adjust.
ANSWER by on April 30, 2010
either the wiring , a fuse or the motor
ANSWER by on May 08, 2010
If the door attempts to open then suddenly stops, then it's probably your sliding door module(about $60 online)which is the grey box at the center of the door directly below the glass(easy to change once trim panel is removed). If the door does nothing then it's probably the actuator assy(about $150 online) which is located at rear of door where the door latches to body(semi-tricky to replace if you're not mechanically incline). Hope this helps..good luck

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