Slave Cylinder Replacement/Repair on 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Thought I was leaking oil, so I tightened the hoses. Turns out the cylinder fluid was leaking big time and I never checked it out. Now it seems like the slave cylinder is done for (clutch falls to the ground, no pressure). I don't know much about cars, so I am wondering, can I fill up the fluid res with the appropriate fluid and drive it to my mechanic, or is the cylinder completely toasted and I will have no way of driving it at this point (fluid refilled or not), so I should get it towed. Thanks a bunch for your help.

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Be safe and tow it !
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You can try adding fluid and see if it will work, it really depends on how fast the fluid is leaking out and if your able to get the system to work properly after letting it drain out. It won't hurt add some fluid and try it, but if it doesn't work you should have it towed. Good Luck!
I have had this problem with my 97 cavalier. I thought my clutch needed replaced. I had to fill up the reservoir and pump the clutch for about 5 minutes before it would come back up from the floor on it's own. After you get it to come back up, you will want to check the clutch fluid again to make sure you didn't lose all of it pumping the clutch. You should then be able to drive it to your mechanic. That is what I did and it worked!!