Slave Cylinder on 1996 GMC Jimmy

My jimmys bell housing does not look like the one pictured in all data and i'm trying to bleed the slave cylinder but see no port near where the hydraulic line goes in. Am i looking at the spedometer cable?

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Here's a picture
I tried this, and it says this resource can not be found. Bummer. I am having the same problem with my 94 GMC pickup. The slave cylinder has the nipple sticking up that looks like the bleeder screw should screw into it, but maybe it is broken off by the last folks that replaced the clutch???
So, in kind of a last thing before I quit for the darkness, was try what someone on this or another forum said to try, and that was to pump the clutch (believe it or not) 500 times. lol. Well, I did 100 with each leg, and the clutch has tightened up and taken up the slack. I opened the master, and the top of the fluid was full of tiny bubbles. I think it worked. Neat.
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My service information does not show the bleeder specifically. It does state whoever that the bleed screw is located on the slave cylinder. Does anyone else out there have any more information on bleeding the clutch on this 1996 GMC Jimmy?
Did you find what you were looking for i can upload some illustrations for you let me know if you need then