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1995 Chevrolet S10 Question: slave cylinder

one more stupid question. Where exactly is the slave cylinder on a 1995 S10 2.2L? There is a bleeder screw above the reservoir line from the clutch reservoir mounted on the drivers side of the 5- speed transmission, but a simple diagram I found shows the slave mounted on the outsde of transmission. Also is there a web site that might offer a free diagram of the clutch(drive train} for a 1995 S10 2.2L, manual transmmision? thank you! -
Answer 1
http://www.napaonline.com/MasterPages/NOLMaster.aspx?PageId=470&LineCode=NNC&PartNumber=PF9004&Description=Clutch+Slave+Cylinder+w%2f+Master+Cylinder+(Pre-Filled+Assy) follow the fluid line down to the transmission at the end you'll find the slave cylinder. -
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Thank you, hemicuda. thank you autotechpat. -
Answer 2
The clutch slave cylinder is on the left side (driver's side) of the transmission secured to the bell housing with two nuts with a push rod internal in the bell housing. The slave cylinder has a bleed screw on the top rear of the cylinder. -
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