Sky Slider on Jeep Liberty

Average mileage: 67,771 (1,500–110,000)
5 model years affected: 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, more2012
25 people reported this problem
20 people shared problem details
As a Jeep Liberty owner with a sky slider, I have also having ongoing issues with the slider breaking, not closing, or opening, and being given the run around by Jeep Corp. Now, like many who have posted here, and other forums, I am now the owner of a Jeep Liberty that has a giant hole in the roof because the top does not close. I am informed by Jeep the cost is upwards of $2800. I am the first, and only owner and have kept it in pristine condition, purchased an extended warranty and have already had the roof repair once and replaced once, only to be in the same situation again, only this time my warranty expired 4 months prior to it malfunctioning for a third time in 4 years. Jeep is claiming there are not enough complaints to justify a national recall, yet I have learned they have "internal alerts" of the issue. They are willing to help some customers and most others not. I have contacted legal council and I cannot promise that a class action is possible, but I have set up a facebook page at Jeep Liberty Skyslider for those experiencing problems to post their issues photos and videos. Because so many people who are having similar issues with the sky slider are leaving messages at various websites, it's important that we all organize at one location. Whether legal action is warranted, or not, at the very least we can all help each other find solutions and any communication with Jeep so we can get assistance. This is an important step for us all, as most of us love our Jeeps but this situation is unbearable and has caused our vehicles to be devalued in the marketplace. Few, if any, buyers or dealers will be willing to purchase our Jeeps knowing the sky slider is an ongoing problems with very expensive repairs. Again, please visit our facebook page at jeeplibertyskyslider. Thank you
MY SLider roof was working and all of a sudden one day after work I went to open it and when I hit the button it didnt automatcially move. I have to hold the button and then it wasnt working right. Tried to close and the back stuck up. I had a friend help me close it. But it looks like to have folds up in certain areas!! I have no extended warranty on the vehicle and just ticked that it can just stop working like that. Going to have to see over the weekend if it came off track?????????
Bought my 2008 liberty used two years ago for the roof. Big mistake!!!! Skyslider wont close all the way. Wont open from rear, just makes clicking noise like gears are striped. Jeep really needs to recall this junk roof.
2008 Jeep Liberty90,000
My skyslider flew back on my jeep today...why won't they recall? They are very dangerous
Skyslider stopped working around 50K miles. Will not open. Now, when I drive, there is a gap in the roof. Also, when it rains, there is leakage and it is damaging my interior fabric. Jeep estimated cost to repair at over $3,000 and this is conveniently not covered AT ALL under the extended warranty for which I paid over $2,500 - useless!
2008 Jeep Liberty103,000
The sky slider sunroof on our 2008 liberty has not worked properly since we purchased it. It was extremely noisy and we just thought that was how it was suppose to sound since it was a soft top. After speaking with someone else that had our exact vehicle, we realized it was not suppose to be that noisy. We brought it to the dealer and they fixed it for $150.00 copay. Getting them to fix it was not an easy task. We had to make multiple phone calls to Chrysler and had to speak with the owner of the dealership to get them to work with us. So their fix was as follows on our service order. C/S install SOP weatherstrip,obnoxious wind noise cause: loose, wind noise. 23307295 Slider Assembly, Sky Slider - Replace Slider Assembly, Sky Slider (B). So I am not really sure if they installed just a SOP Weatherstrip or if they replaced the slider assembly all together. My guess is they just installed a header weatherstrip. Since than we were afraid to open on a regular basis afraid it would not close properly. My husband just took it on a long trip and our worst fear came true. The slider will not close!! The dealership has advised us it is out of warranty and can be fixed for $2500. Very upset! Chrysler also told us the same thing. They are also denying that there has been a problem with this slider even though the internet is littered with complaints!!!! I will never buy a Chrysler produce again and will never to to Crystal Lake Jeep Dealer in Crystal Lake Illinois again. And, will make sure everyone at the hospital I work at knows how this dealership operates. The service person was downright rude to me not to mention he made reference to the fact that I didn't even buy my Jeep at their store. So I took that as they did not want to help us since we did not purchase our vehicle from them. Very disturbing!!
2012 Jeep Liberty51,000
Skyslider stuck in open position. Took to dealer and was told that because it is a "rare" vehicle, they could not fix it at all. The dealer called in a 3rd party to look at it, and they would "not touch something like that". The road noise is horrible and the main reason for buying this vehicle, and they increased price point, is now a liability and a very bad investment. I wish I had never purchased this vehicle, and will NOT purchase a Jeep/Chrysler vehicle again.
2008 Jeep Liberty67,000
repeated trips to the dealer for noise never fixed now came off track
2008 Jeep Liberty1,500
Always had a problem with the sky Slider When is there recall or class action
2008 Jeep Liberty43,918
Purchased 2008 Jeep Liberty with Sky Glider from IL dealer. Vehicle had been a leased vehicle turned in to the dealership. We purchased it and have had it in for repair of the roof 4 times in the past 3 years. We have spent over $3000 to have it repaired. It was in for repair in May 2014. It is now in for repair March 2015. The roof was only opened ONCE since repair and the cable "broke", but told it is not the cable replaced in May 2014 so now we have to pay another $665 for this repair. Unfortunately have to have it repaired in order to drive the vehicle since further damage could occur if driven with roof not in the fully closed or fully open position. Open position is not possible due to varying weather conditions.
2008 Jeep Liberty67,000
Had to replace whole roof. Fought with Chrysler over and over again. In the end, they agreed to cover some of the repair. Cost me $800, Chrysler paid for the rest. I made it known that I have researched this and have seen this as a common problem. Now I just dont open the roof for fear it will happen again.
2008 Jeep Liberty52,000
Skyslider came off of the tracks because cable broke, took it to dealership 4 days ago and they fixed the cables. Luckily I bought a premiere auto warranty and it was covered. Warranty has one year left and hopefully this doesn't happen again.
2010 Jeep Liberty100,000
I have 2010 Jeep Liberty. The slider has broken twice and the roof leaks. The interior around the sunroof is stained.
2008 Jeep Liberty110,000
I closed my top, heard it click and thought it had closed completely until I was driving and wondered why I was able to see the outside when I looked up. Once I got home I opened it and tried to close it again, and that was a big mistake because now it's worse then it was. This just happened over the weekend and I'm not feeling good about my options for repairs after reading these stories.
It leaks, bad! Can't roll it back because it could damage it further and be costly to repair. Rip off for a pricey vehicle and the Jeep company doesn't seem to care from what I have read.
2008 Jeep Liberty60,000
2008 Jeep Liberty with Sky Slider top. Has come off track and won't close. It is open to the weather. Pollard Jeep, the dealership that I bought it from, in Boulder, is being very uncooperative. They won't even look at it for three weeks. This vehicle was the one they displayed on their showroom floor. I fell in love and bought it brand new. They were my best friend for the sale, now they are leaving me and my Jeep out in the cold, with no help. I am very frustrated and angry. This was my 5th Jeep over the years. They are losing a loyal customer.
I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty with a sky slider. One day it came open and I couldn't get it to close using the controls. I took it to the dealership that I bought the Jeep from and, after having it a month, told me they couldn't fix it! I couldn't believe a Jeep dealership couldn't fix it, but it was the case. Now, a year later, I'm still searching for a dealership that can fix it. They definitely should have a recall on this thing.
I have a sky slider that the dealer told me that they can't fix.
I just had my sky slider mess up on me yesterday. I bought my 2008 liberty used,but it was kept in excellent condition. I used it on my way home from work,and it was just fine,then about an hour later i had to run to the store went to slide it back and it jammed up. It took a little bit to get it to close but now i have a gap when i drive and and the front left corner can be lifted a little. Hopefully just popped off track and nothing major. And of course my extended warranty only covers the motor and not the parts that are notorious for messing up or breaking. I will see if they will help me out. I will post an update when i talk to them
2008 Jeep Liberty65,000
The road noise from the roof has always been extremely loud. The dealer installed a fix to keep keep the corner of the roof down. Soon after that, the driver's side cable snapped so I can no longer use the roof. I had to push it in position manually. I contacted Jeep on many occasions and they said the car was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. I have been a Jeep owner for over 20 years and I vow I will never buy another Jeep. I will not spend almost $3,000.00 to get the roof fixed. Jeep needs to take responsibility for their poor design.
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