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2004 Ford Taurus Question: Skipping and Sputtering

Recently my 2004 taurus is skipping and sputtering. I figure it has something to do with the fuel pump or filter. sometimes it drives somewhat fine but then it will just start skipping and sputtering, sometimes when you come to a stop it sounds as if the engine will cut off but it never does, at least not yet it hasn't. My other thought was maybe its a computer/fuse issue. I see there are relay switches in there. but I take it thereis no way to know if its blown by just looking at it. My engine light is on and has been on for awhile , there was nothing apparently wrong with it, so never took it in to be checked. Also one more thing, the only other thing I know thats wrong with my taurus is that my cruise control doesn't work anymore, not sure when it stopped I don't use it often, I couldn't see in the book which fuse went to the cruise control. Most everything in there runs several things and I have nothing else wrong that I know of. Hope this is enough information if not your welcome to ask me anythings. Thankyou. KEN Evans -
Answer 1
http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light do you have a Check Engine Light on? This is a good first place to start the process of Diagnosis. -
Answer 2
ignition coils are probably going bad -