Signal switch on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

Signals switch continues to click even when the signels are off I've replaced the Switch a couple of times and usually just works for about 3hours and continues on clicking as the turn signals are off. The Most Annoying thing ever.

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Sounds like a partial short in the turn signal switch has damaged the flasher unit, seems to be a common problem with these VW.
I have this same issue. How easy is it to replace the flasher unit?
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put a piece of cardboard between your air vent up by the flasher button, I found there is some connection in there that controls your flashers and blinkers. Mine did the same thing and I just got lucky and touched it, so I keep something in there at all times. Sometimes I have to adjust it to get my blinkers working again, but untill I fix it, what I am doing works.