Shuts off on 1991 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

Could my distributor and rotor cause my truck to just shut down after driving a while? But on the other hand it starts back up after checking plug wires for contact.

2 answers
If the cap and rotor were the problem it would likely run rough and misfire. If they appear burned at all it is a good idea to replace them, but iIf the engine is shutting off instantly, it's probably something else.
My ford f350 had same problem. i replaced the coil, new battery, and when i would check plugs and connections it would start right up. everyone kept telling me that was just coincidental. i might drive it for a month with no problems but it would suddenly appear after getting it and trying to start. the problem was the pick-up coil in bottom of the distributor. what was happening after truck cooled down giving pick-up coil time to cool off it would start right up. it finally got to point where it was doing it a lot. found it was cheaper to just replace the whole distributor. bought one that had cap and everything and was new not rebuilt for $169. should have seen the old distributor, was rusted and corroded bad. been 7 months now and haven't had the first problem.