shut off valve on 1998 Volvo V70

i have a 1998 volvo v70. The ck engine light is on,i had a smoke test done & the problem is the "shut off valve" aka the electric change over valve. Where is the valve located? Dealer wants $125.00 plus labor(125.00!!!!)$250.00.

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I've never heard it called the "change over valve", but I'm familiar with the shut off valve. It's located under the vehicle, near the front of the fuel tank, right next to the charcoal canister (black box the size of a shoe box). This is a pretty high price to replace that valve. The part price looks correct but the labor time should be about .6-.7 hours max, unless they are charging to retest it after. The problem is, if their diagnosis is incorrect, and you replace the part, you are stuck. I suggest finding a Volvo Independent shop and they could do this for a more reasonable price.