2003 Chevrolet Cavalier Q&A

2003 Chevrolet Cavalier Question: Shut off the engine turning on the heater or AC.

Not all the time the engine will be turned off if I turn on the heater or Ac while the car runs. The Engine Thermostat was dianosed as opening too soon, a less than totally hot engine at best. -
Answer 1
Your problem is??? Do you have a check engine light on? Is the car not running right? -
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I think it is running ok. It is a friends car and I am going to look at it more on saturday, thoughly test it check thermostat temp. and drive it. The car has a vapor emission test check engine light in the PCM. -
Comment 2
What do you mean by a "vapor emissions test check engine light". What are the troubles codes in the PCM. -
Comment 3
Evap Codes, gas tank leak codes not engine fuel vapor codes. When have gas tank vapor codes shut off an engine.? Becides the engine shuts off I gather, when the HVAC system, the Heat or AC is turned on. If this is true when I test the car I figure it is a network system problem. There is one of three HVAC system controlers that has a Data Link Communications system, Class 2 Serial Data type. -