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2000 Honda Civic Question: Shudders when driving.

My Civic shudders intermittantly when driving on a smooth level road. It does not do it when shifting( it ts an automatic) or under power. When I let off the gas it stop shuddering. My local mechanic says it could be transmission. I tuned it up( plug, wires, distributor cap, etc. but that didn't help anything but gas mileage. What could this be? -
Answer 1
I would check your INNER CV joints. They often make rumbling/vibration when under power. Good Luck! -
Comment 1
Mine does the same exact thing. I have an automatic, whenever I drive and let off the gas it will shake at a certain point. I still have to get it fixed, but I was planning on getting it switched from auto->manual when I get back from my deployment here. I was wondering will that clear the problem up? I am not getting it switched for that one reason but I would like it to be manual. -
Answer 2
check front axles -