Shuddering/rocking motion when I come to a stop or accelerate. on 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

I just read this TSB on your site and it is describing almost perfectly what is now going on with my vehicle....SHUDDER, ROCKING MOTION, BINDING, FEELS LIKE VEHICLE IS STUCK IN 4WD (CROW HOP) WHEN TURNING AT LOW SPEEDS.

It's wierd though as it does not happen all the time.

What is the cause and was there a fix for this?

I am extremely disappointed in this vehicle and the cost for repairs...everytime I take it in my repair bills start at $300....this is getting ridiculous.

The GM service bulletin you are referring to is #02-04-21-008A. The fix is to replace the transfer case encoder motor sensor and gasket, drain and refill the transfer case fluid, and reprogram the software in the transfer case control module. I would guess the repair cost would be in the $300 range you are used to.
its the transfer case motor(encoder motor) i changed the encoder motor sensor 100.00 changed and drained transfer case fluid still stuck unpluged transfer case motor still stuck. went on line at advance auto parts on line found re-manufactured transfer case motor 120.00 w/20.00 core easy install driverside rear door took 20min installed suv drives like brand new money...