1997 Dodge Dakota Q&A

1997 Dodge Dakota Question: shudder from stop after warmed up

My truck will shudder from a stop under moderate acceleration. This is a two wheel drive. Do these trucks have drive shaft problems or is it in the torque converter? -
Answer 1
If this is only happening when the engine is warmed up, then it wouldn't appear to be a drive shaft issue, but it's hard to rule anything out without performing an inspection first. There may be a misfire in the engine too. Are there any warning lights on or have you checked for any diagnostic trouble codes? -
Comment 1
Thanks for your response. Their are no codes stored. It's definately a drive line shudder. I'm not familiar with this problem in the Dodge trucks. I thought a dodge person may be familiar with the symptom. I just bought this truck. -
Comment 2
Didn't you're original question say something about it occurring only when warmed up? -
Comment 3
Since I just bought the truck, I will have to drive it more to see if I can make it happen cold as well. But, I only noticed it at first after it warmed up. It may simply be that I did't accelerate hard enough while it was cold to notice it. I will let you know. Thanks again. -