2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Q&A

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: should you replace both struts?

the right front side definitely needs replacing by the dodge dealership, but says they only replace the side that is bad according to the dodge dealership also should you get a front end alignment after one strut is changed and why? -
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At 2011 with a warranty? Insist on TWO struts cause after warranty, they will SELL you all FOUR! -
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Unfortunately , what warranty covers (defective/failed) and what common sense tells us , are two different things.Honda dealership is same way, ONLY the defective part is covered unless there is a bulletin telling us to do otherwise.If alignment is affected by part removal/replacement , it should also be covered within the warranty repair procedure. Check your WARRANTY BOOKLET(S) that came with the vehicle!!!!!!!!!!! Most people don't , and that's what screws things up. GOOD LUCK!!! -
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