Should KIA technicians have realigned the clutch and the transmission? on 2004 Kia Sorento

I recently had the KIA dealership replace my engine. Now the car does not go into any of the gears except for third.

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first of all, you need to take it back to them.
no re alignment can be performed once the unit is together. you could have a clutch failure or a hydraulic failure in the operation of the clutch. have them re check there work.

I agree with Roy i would take it back to KIA
Amen. And don't use them any more.
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Once the engine and the transmission are together the clutch is aligned or they would not go together. It is likely there is air in the hydraulic system. You should go back the KIA.
no but possible to havve installed shifter behind or out of its socket does it or did it feel floppy so to speak