2000 Ford Explorer Q&A

2000 Ford Explorer Question: Should I replace the ignition coil with a new one?

Engine light came on while driving. Just had a tune up and replaced the ignition coil with a used one. -
Answer 1
WE have the diagnostic tool that won best tool of year at the SEMMA SHOW IN VEGAS called the validator.what makes this tool great is that the valdator checks the the parimeters that set set the light.This will insure that the vechicle is diagnosed correctly the the first tim. PS KISS THAT LIGHT GOODBY.!!!! FRED DONNELLY HUNTS POINT AUTO -
Comment 1
Great, give your address please -
Comment 2
565 hunts point ave bronx ny 10474 718-991-8808 -
Answer 2
always go new when it comes to electrical components -
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