Should I replace my catalytic converter or get another car? on 2003 Dodge Neon

My Dodge Neon has 108,000 miles on it and I've been driving it for three years. I still have another year left on the loan. I have to either have the catalytic converter replaced so it can pass state inspection or get another car by the end of October.
I've already had many repairs done on the car. In the spring of 2011, within six weeks, I had to have the transmission replaced (twice), the rack and pinion replaced, rear brakes fixed and a fan in the air conditioner.
I've also had to replace tie rod ends, front brake pads and rotors and rear struts.
At this point, my car is worth about $1400 at most and I owe $2500 on it. It will be paid off by October of 2013 but I'm worried about how much more it will cost me to allow it to make it that long. Would I be better off getting the catalytic converter (which I can't afford right now)or trading in the car and rolling the balance of the loan into a loan for another car?

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Your best option(in my opinion) is to fix this car. Now, has the timing belt been replaced?
If not you should consider that and get a price for the belt and related componets.
When you do get ready to buy another car get another make!. Again just MY opinion.

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sounds like you want a new car because a catt is approx 350.00 and not a reason to off car although you will have other repairs
Now there's smoke coming out from under the hood. I checked the radiator fluid and the level was OK. What could that be?
Also, is it normal to have several things go wrong with a car in a short period of time, for example, like last year, when the transmission, rack and pinion, rear brakes and air conditioner fan all needed to be replaced within six weeks?