Should I purchase?
Had a 2000 VW Beetle checked out; in fantastic condition. on 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

New brakes, new tires, regular maintenance. I was very impressed with how well it was maintained.
Has 155,000 miles on it. No new money needs to go into the car. However, there is some sort of light that is up regarding air flow??? Mechanic didnt see anything.

I am a college student applying to dental school this next year and will use to drive to certain interviews. I would like it to last through most/all of dental school. So an additional 5 or 6 years from now. Is this a good investment?

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stay away you will be sorry
My mechanic out here said the car was good condition but he DID NOT favor volkswagens. I hear that a Turbo engine should last to 250,000 miles.
As a mechanic, what are your experiences with these vehicles? :)
Do not buy this vehicle.
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We have a 1999 with 60,000 miles,paid $4,100 we had to work a few bugs out of it. It's running fine now...But I wouldn't recommend one to a friend. Fun to drive though:)
hitler started the vw beetle idea..nuff said? try an older Saturn 94 to 99 years..
Do not buy a saturn either.
My wife has a 2000 VW Beetle with the 1.8L Turbo. We bought it in August,2012. We have now put in a new timing belt kit, new brake system (including module, pads, rotors,master cylinder and speed sensors),along with new hoses under the hood. I have put in new transmission filter and fluid ($15/quart) and now I am having a problem with the EPC light. I have replaced the stop light switch, that did not fix my problem. I now have a problem with the blinkers not working. I SUGGEST YOU STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONEY PIT!!!
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