should i pay $1100 to get my 2002 Cabrio on the road again. It has 105,000miles on 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio

the things that need to be fix are the time belt, air flow sensor, coolant sensor and flange and cap and rotor. Is it worth getting these repairs done?

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Check KBB value on this car. Lot of miles for a **VW**..!!
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Yes I would put money into it..
I would have it checked at another shop seems like lot of money for the work that it supposedly needs
ask for a list of all the things that are wrong with it, I got one of these for $1 from someone who didn't know how to work on it, shop said it would cost around $13,000 I did all the work my self, cost me under $2,000 and i'd say maybe 20 hours of work between me and a friend. I did also replace a lot of extra parts for preventive maintenance and a full flush of all systems and all filter changes. here's another tid bit, full brake kit (front and back) at summit racing for I believe $234 it is also a upgraded disks called slotted and drilled, much better pads as well. to me it improved the braking a lot, also I don't have to do a brake job nearly as much as I used to.
This car is worth $1,800.00 in 'excellent' (like new) condition according to KBB!.. Plus now you're having more trouble with it I see by your new posted question, so what's the logical answer to THIS posted question?
Yes, but the maintenance is simple, parts are cheap. I do have an issue, but I am seeking guidance and suggestions. I will say this. At one point and another every car has or will be worth 1/10th of it's worth, but does that not mean it is a good car or that the driver loves it? Or even that it is not worth keeping? I gave the person options.
Everybody's got their own opinion, most are always different! .. Sometimes it's best just to cut your losses... Plenty of good used cars out there for not much more money than repair cost.. That's my opinion! .. Cars is what I do, it's ALL I've ever done, for a living, since 1972.. Just saying, this ain't my first time dealing with this problem.. (However it's still a matter of opinion.. Most are always different.)
Very true. I'm sorry, a bit defensive of this car.
It's all good!