Should I junk it or can it be saved? on 1994 Ford Aerostar

To clarify my previous questions, I want to say that 1 time when I was on the frwy, I had to gun it to get on and after that , the engine made some noise. Then , something started bouncing off the ground in the back and making a metal sound on the concrete for a few sec. Esp. when I went over a bridge. It got worse and worse, then the brakes started to lock for a few sec. then release. Lock again and for a few more sec. and then again for a min. and now they won't release.
Should I just junk it or is it be repaired at a cost less than the value of the van?

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Sounds more like the rear end is locked up not the brakes. Pull the rear end cover off and see if it's full of mangled metal pieces.
I am a lady and not capable of doing that. Is it something easy , where I could find someone easily , who could do that?
Any one that knows how to remove bolts, Put a pan down under the center of the rear end, take the bolts out of the cover, let the gear oil drain and remove the cover.
thanks for your response. If it is the rear end , would it be expensive to fix?
If it's locked up, yes it will be expensive for the parts + the labor. The cheaper of the fix would get a good used rear end if you can, and they not that cheap anymore, I used to get them for around $150.00 years ago, now I'm afraid to ask. Your rebuild will probably run over $1,000.00.
I really appreciate your help
U Bet
I just looked at the estimator and I think that I have the name of the part wrong. "rear main seal" or "rear crankshaft seal" is estimated at around $50 for parts and $400 for labor. What do you think?
It says that the transmission has to be removed. This I knew . But , as you (and a mechanic told me), removing the transmission is an expensive procedure. So, I have a hard time believing that it would only cost about $400 for labor. I appreciate your comment.
That is the seal for the back of the engine. If your looking for a seal for your rear end it would be a pinion or rear wheel seal. That's not all you need. Why are u thinking transmission.
I was told that the transmission had to be removed to get the rear end. thanks again, Donna
If it was front wheel drive, yours should be rear wheel drive.
When I looked up the estimator, it called it "rear main seal" , "rear crankshaft seal" and said that it required removal of the transmission. Labor est. $400 , and parts $50. Seems too cheap to me.
Look up ring and pinion or inner pinion bearing or differential carrier assy.
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