Should I have the front pump seal replaced? on 2006 Ford Mustang GT

Brought my '06 GT Vert to dealership for 30k service. Was told there is a slight leak from the tranny. They showed me with the car on the lift and there was some tranny fluid at the bottom of the bellhousing (I also checked a few times after I brought the car home and same thing, though drips not making into onto the ground under car, so it is a small leak). Dealership says its the Front pump seal, and it needs to be replaced. I'm wondering if, since its a small leak now, do I have it repaired? I'm afraid if they take the tranny down they may open up a can of worms! Any advise appreciated!!!

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you are correct in assuming that they might. i would wait till its leaking a little worse
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Is trans. fluid ever check low? Tough call..I say if its seeping leave it alone...if its leaking enough to have to add fluid then thats may justify a repair. I agree with it for awhile.
'06 Mustang (not sure if it's other years/models as well) has a sealed transmission so it can't easily be checked. Technician said he checked it and level was OK (I'm really not sure it was actually checked though). Even if it was, I'm not a gearhead so it's not something I can monitor myself. It's much more involved than pulling out a dipstick.
Im very familar with Ford transmissions and the fluid level feature sucks...easy to have a little too much in it too. Unless You are seeing a puddle on the pavement where you park to leave it be. May open a can of worms when you go into these transmissions.
When I told the tech I never see any fluid on the ground his answer was that the pump will only engage when driving, so the leak will usually happen when I'm the road driving, not so much when it's parked.
Really...If its leaking when driving then you would have fluid on the transmisson and all the way back on everthing under car. You had noticed no problem and they pointed it out to you. Gotta be honest we like a lot of shops are slow this time of year. I recommend you get a second opinion from a really good honest shop in your town...preferably a transmission specilist in your area....or you could go on a little road trip to Richmond...then I could look at it.
if I knew of a "good, honest shop" I would go!!!! I haven't checked to see what the rest of the underside looks make a good point. I may just wait, but would hate to wait to the point where it's too late. Any idea what I should listen for or feel if the fluid starts to run low?
My Michelin tire Rep. is from Geenville...I will ask her if she knows of a shop to reccomend.
Thanks - appreciate the help.
try some LUCAS trans oil has seal recon. additives