Should I get this repaired or should I buy another engine on 2001 Pontiac Sunfire


The oil was being blown all over my car every time I drove it. I took it to 2 different mechanics and they are telling me to fix a rubber that has come lose on my engine. The problem I have with this is I don't believe it will last. I don't want to pay money for a repair that isn't going to work. I got the opinion of a third mechanic which said I probably should buy another engine.

What do you think? Should I repair or buy another engine?

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What rubber seal are they talking about replacing? How many miles are on your engine and how frequently have you changed the oil. If you have maintained your engine well and been changing the oil frequently and never over heated the engine your engine should be OK and worth repairing a rubber oil seal.
Blow bye is a sign of a worn engine. Blow bye in an engine can be tested by doing a cylinder leakage test.
Sorry just checking my emails now and see your response.Its frustrating to get three different answers. The crankshaft rear main seal is what you initially were told was the problem, sludge in the engine is caused by infrequent or poor quality oil, its not ideal but if your engine still runs well and passes smog test, live with what you've got your options are replace the engine or replace the car both expense options. Ufortunatly you need another opinion.
They said it is a rubber seal on the back of my engine. They said it has worn and that is the reason the oil is coming out.

A year ago another mechanic said that I was going to have to get another engine because it was a lot of sludge in my engine.

One of the mechanics that looked at my car said the engine was fine and I didn't need a new one just to replace the seal.
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I have a 99 Pontiac sunfire, the top was covered with oil and ran down all over, someone over tightened the valve cover gasket, so much it was cut and the seal was metal to metal, I replaced used indian head gasket sealer and done , just hand tighten bolts on head to about 3-5 pounds let sit half hour to dry sealer then add maybe 5-6 lbs torque, do not over tighten, if you are losing oil still put a newspaper under car over night and look to see drip , if where transmission is then it is engine seal , a ten dollar part, but you need to pull drive train out, a good weekend in the driveway will save you 2 too 3 hundred, I am a girl and I did it , nothing to it, take apart and reverse it putting back together, also take out pcv valve on top of valve cover and shake it , it should rattle , if not it is clogged repace it so compression is stable in valve cover