should I drive truck at all when water is in my oil and it's running rough? on 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Repair shop says fix intake manifold now, and don't drive it at all. I trust that this is the problem based upon the symptoms I experienced, but is the repair shop just trying to make sure I give them the $1000 repair job? I only want to drive it one mile to my home, where I can have other mechanics look at it. Or maybe 3-4 miles to other shops for estimates.

I've been able to trust this repair shop on other jobs, but I'm dubious about this one.

Find out what is going to be done for 1,000 as that is to much just to replace intake gaskets! Can get them to change oil and filter, fill rad. with WATER, then drive to another shop IF you are not sure about the quote. However you need to ask what the exact repair is going to consist of.
If it is much antifreeze in oil it will damage bearings to drive it so get the oil changed if you are plan on driving it AT ALL until fixed!!