Should I change the front struts and rear shocks with only 67K on the odometer? on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Car rides like an Oldsmobile -- very soft and floaty. The miles are relatively low and the ride quality seems ok. The tires are not wearing oddly, but I plan buy new tires this summer (2013). Does it make sense to replace the front struts and shocks before the new tires go on?

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If these are the original struts and shocks, then yes. Mileage is one factor, age of vehicle is another, in this consideration.
I agree shocks (struts) wear out gradually so it is hard to tell just when they really need to be replaced.
But on this car, it's time.
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Do a bounce test and compar front to rear. Put a knee on front bumper and put all your weight on aand off 3 times and watch to see how suspension responds. Do the same in rear and see if its a bit softer and continues to bounce up and down sightly when you let the weight off. Have seen a few of these that need shocks paticualy in the rear more time than the front.
yes it sounds like a nice car and a little preventitive maint wouldn't hurt
Ok, front struts and rear shocks done. Much improved ride. Doing the tires soon.
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