should I change pr flush trabsmission fluid on 1993 Geo Prizm

My car has 89,000 mi. on it and I took it to Jiffy lube for an iol change and of course thyn tried to sell me every service under the sun. My question is should I flush the trsnsmission and yje radiator? I don't know if either has ever been done on this car. I brought as is.

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This is a tough question to answer when you don't know the history of the car. Best, most conservative practice would be to do the coolant every 30,000 or so miles and the transmission fluid every 60,000 or so miles.

A word of caution: don't get them flushed with a machine, and don't do it at Jiffy Lube. The fluids should be changed as a part of routine maintenance performed by a high-quality report shop.
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never bring your car to a quick oil change place and yes have trans. fluid and filter changed