Should I buy an extended warranty? (for 2003 Merc E320, 46k mi on 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320

I just bought the car and the dealer is offering an extended waaranty for 48 mos or 50k mi for $4000. Is it worth buying?
The Company is called Safe-Guard Products International.

the age of the indicates many miles on the car? what does the warranty cover?
The car is a 2003 E320 with 46,000 miles. The Mercedes Dealer is selling a warranty that is supposably the most comprehensive used car coverage available (from Safe-Guard Products Int'l). It's difficult to list coverage, long list on paper. Thank you very much for your reply.
these cars are known for alot of issues after the 50k mile mark. thats why most people lease them for 3yrs 36k miles. good luck with your decision
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I did that once and after the trans. went out I found out that the company no longer existed. $4,000.00 is a lot of cash to put out for a limited warranty. Good luck, I'd pass on it though......Starborder