Should I buy a 2010 VW CC or a 2008 Lexus IS 250? on 2010 Volkswagen CC

I am ready to buy a car and have narrowed it down to these 2 cars. Each car has its pros and cons, and I am receiving mixed message from all the people around me that are helping me find a car. Can anyone on this forum help as to which car is the better buy for value, reliability, and cost of repairs?

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As a owner of a 2010 VW CC I would not recommend buying one too many non-recall issues. Water pump went out after 2 years, dsg has issues, excessive wind noise, ect. I own a 2001 F-150 that has never needed service (except oil and air filters changes), but this CC has been in the service center more then I care to mention.
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you can't beat a toyota product in maint and repair issues
I personally believe you will have less repair issues down the road with the Lexus. But, I would recommend to drive both and pick the one that feels more comfortable driving. The key to both vehicle's will be keeping up on the Manufacturers recommended service(s) and the correct intervals.