Should I add Automatic Transmission Fluid? on 2003 BMW 330xi

My BMW has 60k miles on it. It is gradually taking longer and longer for it to get into 1st gear from Park. It now takes about 5 seconds and in the winter sometimes 8 to 10 seconds. Based on other forums I think the ATF is low also I looked into the Automatic Transmission Fluid container in the engine compartment and it is at the "minimum" level. Should I just top it off (if so which ATF fluid should I use) or should I have an indy shop change it for me?


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I highly recommend having a shop top it off with the proper factory fluid, they should also be able to update the transmission with the latest software.
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Common Sense says : after 60000 you should change fluid and filter. Fluid wears out and this is cheap insurance. Anew transmission for a BMW is well over $2,000 $$$