1998 Toyota Camry Q&A

1998 Toyota Camry Question: should front tires wear differently because of front wheel drive

my front tires are wearing differently more the passenger side verses driver side. I was told it was because the front wheel drive is powered on the passenger side. sounds like b.s. to me -
Answer 1
More likely an alignment problem, lack of rotating the tires or both. -
Comment 1
but the alignment was completed 6 mnths ago with the rotation of tires. the shop told me it was because of the front wheel drive is powered on the front passenger side, i dont believe him -
Answer 2
Your main drive wheel is the right front. If you are heavy on the foot, you will wear the right front tire out significantly quicker than the left front. -
Answer 3
What TYPE of 'wear pattern' are you getting? Just inner or outer edge , both inner AND outer edge , center wears prematurely , 'cupping' on inner or outer edge? Are the tires the OEM size and type as recommended on door label? -