Should all doors unlock with Intelligent Access on 2011 Ford Fiesta

2011 Ford Focus with Intelligent Access. When I unlock the car from the passenger side using the push button on the door handle, all the doors unlock, but when I do this on the drivers side only the drivers door unlocks. Is this normal? Thanks

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I would suggest you consult your local dealership with specific questions like this after the sale.

But in theory - I can tell you that some cars are set up to do exactly what you suggest. The drivers door lock switch will unlock the drivers door only first, and then the rest of the doors on the second button press. That's what remote controls do when you use them too.
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The remote does work with one push unlocking the drivers door and two pushes unlocking all doors. But the whole point of the Intelligent Access is not having to use the remote. I went to my dealer and this is the way all Fiestas work. It makes no sense that the driver can not unlock any other door, but that's the way it is. It would be interesting if someone can explain the reason for the locks working this way.