short circuit on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Installed a new pioneer stereo, but forgot to disconnect battery and there was a short circuit. How do you fix the short circuit?

by in Plainview, TX on February 22, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 22, 2009
Start by removing the radio and any other items you installed. replace the blown fuse and turn the ignition on. If the fuse is OK. The vehicle harness is probably ok. Recheck all of your wiring on the radio side. Did you cut the wires from the factory connector? I hope not, There are wiring adapter kits available at most Stereo Installation shops that plug into the factory connectors. Here is a brief summary of the wiring for a standard radio (NOT EQUIPPED WITH INFINITY SOUND SYSTEM). The first color is primary/second is the stripe (1) Grey/Red FUSED B(+) Direct battery feed at all times (2) Pink/Yellow FUSED IGNITION SWITCH OUTPUT (RUN-ACC) (3) Orange/Tan PANEL LAMPS DRIVER (Dimmer) (4) Gray/Yellow RIGHT FRONT DOOR SPEAKER (+) (5) Gray/Light Blue RIGHT FRONT DOOR SPEAKER (-) (6) Dark Green/Light Blue LEFT FRONT DOOR SPEAKER (-) (7) Dark Green/Yellow LEFT FRONT DOOR SPEAKER (+) (8) Black/Light Green GROUND (9) White/Violet PCI BUS (DO NOT USE! - TAPE UP) (10) Gray/Light Green LEFT REAR SPEAKER (+) (11) Gray/Dark Green LEFT REAR SPEAKER (-) (12) Dark Green/Gray RIGHT REAR SPEAKER (-) (13) Dark Green/Light Green RIGHT REAR SPEAKER (+) (14 )Black GROUND GOOD LUCK!
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