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Don't take our word on how the RepairPal Certified Program can benefit your shop. See REAL shop owner tell you why they LOVE being RepairPal Certified. 

Worried by Research Findings, RepairPal Conducts Secret Shopper Experiment in Cities Throughout the US.

Bob Cooper, President of Elite Worldwide, explains in the era of the Internet and smartphones that the customer for automotive repair has changed. See his suggestions as to what your shop can do to stay competitive.

A new generation of auto repair customers have entered the marketplace. Find out how Dan Gilley, president and owner of RLO Training, explains how you can connect with Gen Y and communicate better with all customers.

It’s so simple, but it can be easily overlooked. OK, we’ll give it to you, its wiper blades… but read this article for loads of tips for your shop!

MotorWeek host and RepairPal Certified Shop owner, Patt Goss, interviews RepairPal's Auto Professional, Bret Bodas, on how RepairPal helps car owners locate a trusted repair shop and accurately estimate repairs. 

As a RepairPal Certified shop, you can meet a huge set of new potential customers. AARP serves up to 37 million members who are age 50 and older. RepairPal has entrusted by AARP to find the best repair shops in the country and to provide a amazing experience for its members.

 "In God we trust. All Others must bring data."

Resident ASE-certified technician, consultant, and Certification Manager in RepairPal’s Automotive Group, Jill Trotta, discusses numbers, volume, efficiency and what you can do to increase your bottom line.

Did you know that on average shops lose about 200 customers a year? What can you do to offset this loss of revenue? David Peterson of MechanicNet explains a program you can implement to help reduce this loss and generate even more revenue.

Wendy Kennedy, the auto shop marketing and PR guru of 23 Kazoos, interviews several successful shops and provides what she believes is the most important strategies that every shop should implement, whether you are just starting out or been in business for years.