shocks? on 1998 Honda Accord

rumbling noise in rear passenger side especially over bumps.

by in Massapequa, NY on October 20, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 20, 2009
There are several possibilities, the shocks may be bad, but I would check the rear sway bar links first. Make sure the bolts are tight per the technical bulletins (below) and see this pic to know where the links are located: They are #6 and #7 in the picture. Service Bulletin 97-069 Applies To: 1998 Accord LX and EX Models – L4 thru VIN 1HGCG5...WA021768 October 27, 1997 Rattle From Rear Stabilizer Bar SYMPTOM Rattle from the rear suspension. PROBABLE CAUSE Loose nuts on the rear stabilizer bar cause a rattle from the rear suspension. CORRECTIVE ACTION Retorque the nuts on the rear stabilizer bar to the proper specification.
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