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2002 Ford Escort Question: Shifting into reverse car jolts slightly, then hesitates

When I start up the car and shift into reverse, the car jolts a little, this is while my foot is still on the brake. Then when I move it slowly out of my parking space, it will sometimes hesitate, with a light spasmodic sound off and on, like something is clogged. And sometimes lately when I'm braking the car seems to have a light hesitation. Any ideas on what this may be? Thanks for your help. -
Answer 1
do you have a ck eng light on if so have codes scanned and post so we can adv -
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Thanks for your reply. No there is no check engine light on. I just spoke with the mechanic where I get repairs and some maintenance, he said because my car has high rpm, it can be normal to have a slight jolt when the car is still cold in the morning when shifting into reverse. -